Associated Organisations

PiP has been funded and developed as a collaboration between several organisations – each bringing their own expertise and capabilities. These organisations are outlined below.

Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber (HEYH)

HEYH logo

HEYH is the regional body, part of Health Education England, the new national leadership organisation responsible for ensuring that education, training, and workforce development drives the highest quality public health and patient outcomes.

HEYH has funded the bulk of development work on PiP.

Yorkshire and the Humber SP Resource

The SP Resource was set up by the NHS as a regional, subsidised project ten years ago. It is the only region-wide resource of its type and has been a source of innovation throughout the healthcare economy.

PiP is administered through the resource and benefits from its NHS links and centralised resources. Some NHS subsidy is applied to PiP to enable further development and affordability.

Shift Associates

Shift Assocs. logo

Shift Associates has a long history of people development within the NHS. It provides all the facilitators and facilitator training to PiP.

Shelley Hallam from Shift wrote the course materials, which have been through a robust period of trialling and honing.

University of Leeds

Uni of Leeds Logo

The SP resource – with its NHS funding – is currently hosted at the University of Leeds so most financial issues are handled by the University’s finance team. PiP also benefits from research and development support from the University.

University of Hull

University of Hull

The original development for PiP was overseen by a practising Supervisor of Midwives, Julie Green, also a senior lecturer at the University of Hull, who originally provided accreditation for the course.