Commission Courses

Delivery & Organisation

PiP now has an experienced delivery team and we look forward to delivering courses for you.

By its nature, PiP is incredibly flexible and can be delivered:

  • for acute, primary care or mixed groups and for any other healthcare professionals.
  • specifically for your trust or department, allowing us to tailor to your local guidance, highlighting frameworks, contacts and support mechanisams as appropriate.
  • for one profession or on a total multidisciplinary model.
  • anywhere in the UK (or beyond).
  • as a single course for one cohort of staff or in a much wider programme, the latter driving down the cost per delegate significantly.

The standards for pre-registration nursing education recognise that nurses will need to be more independent, autonomous and innovative in the future. Having a strong preceptorship programme in place will be vital to achieving these aims.

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We also have experience in securing funding and are very happy to work in partnership to apply for and justify funding for the courses.

PiP is supported by Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber and, with this support, is able to offer comparatively low prices, certainly significantly less than full commercial rates, whilst still providing an extremely professional and well-tested course.

To discuss commissioning PiP courses further, please contact Iain Wilkinson, PiP Project Manager:

Preceptorship in Practice

Course Administration

We always do our utmost to work our schedule to your rota requirements and always consider public holidays and other diary restrictions in arranging course dates.

After years of experience, we can provide guidance and materials on PiP to aid your delegate recruitment and communications around the course as part of our package.