Course Details

Course Aims

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Identify their strengths and development needs as a preceptor
  • Explore the need for, and benefits of, the role of preceptor within their profession
  • Understand the importance of discussing and articulating practice challenges as they arise to help preceptees in achieving the required standard
  • Understand the potential benefits of coaching in helping preceptees and colleagues to achieve their potential
  • Highlight individual communication styles, enabling flexibility
  • Reflect on human behaviour as a means of promoting better relationships both within and between teams

Course Delivery

Two one-day learning modules, separated by a month, to allow for experimentation, reflection and assimilation.

The course is interactive and experiential with participants learning skills and tools to enable them to become more effective preceptors in helping colleagues to achieve their potential.

A wide range of interactive tools, techniques and learning styles are used to explore skills, behaviours and mind-sets that will increase choice in developing preceptees.

Participants are give time, support and encouragement to reflect on their own abilities, qualities and understanding when delivering support and guidance to those new-to-profession, returning-to-practice or in transition.

Preceptorship in Practice

Very well presented course. Delivery was innovative and creative – one of the best study days I have been on – well done!

Course participant