Preceptorship in Practice (PiP) came about as a result of research undertaken by Julie Green (BSc MSc PGCE RM) into the retention and development of practicing midwives. The research highlighted that ‘being competent’ or ‘greatly skilled’ in clinical practice did not always result in an ability to develop others.

Julie’s observation of the current practice in the area of Preceptorship demonstrated that the skill-set needed by a preceptor was often defocused, with an emphasis on competency frameworks or Preceptorship policy documents, rather than on the skill-set needed to create a culture of support.

To address this, Julie approached Shelley Hallam (now of Shift Associates) to write and develop content for a two-day PiP course and Iain Wilkinson (now of Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber) to secure funding and ensure a successful pilot phase of delivering the course. After this phase it was soon apparent that the approach was beneficial for all disciplines and on a multi-professional level.


Since the first course in 2009, PiP has been delivered as both a commissioned course for individual trusts and also for region-wide, open access courses. It has been successfully run across the Yorkshire and Humber region and in the East Midlands region.

PiP lends itself to multi-disciplinary learning but can also be run solely for one department or profession.

Preceptorship in Practice

Clarified, underpinned and built on prior knowledge and experience, giving me confidence that I am going in the right direction

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