What Do I Gain from Attending?

The PiP course will:

  • Draw on your previous experience of supporting and mentoring others
  • Explore the role of the Preceptor in developing newly-qualified colleagues
  • Identify your own strengths and development needs as a Preceptor
  • Understand your communication preferences
  • Develop skills for dealing with practice challenges
  • Equip you with some tools and skills useful to developing excellent preceptorship

What will I need to do?

  • Be open and willing to share.
  • Bring your ideas and experiences.
  • Try things out and be willing to do something different to get even better results.

How will this benefit others?

You will be able to help others to:

  • Explore and achieve their potential by using effective communication and coaching methods
  • Practically apply their knowledge and skills to achieve results beyond the ordinary
  • Build a self-motivated, enthusiastic team in a supportive workplace
Attending a Preceptorship in Practice course

What will it Involve?

Two one-day learning modules, separated by a month, to allow you to try out some of the techniques and share your experiences.

The course is interactive and you’ll learn skills and tools to help you fully understand your role in encouraging new colleagues to realise their potential.