PiP Personnel

Shelley Hallam -Developer and Supervisor for PiP

Shelley Hallam

Research, Content and Continued Development

Shelley Hallam of Shift Associates was the lead on researching, developing and delivering the initial PiP courses. She continues to have input into their ongoing development.

Shelley is highly experienced in conceiving and delivering work around mentorship, leadership and inter-personal dynamics and is also a qualified Performance Coach, Facilitator and NLP Master Practitioner. Shelley has worked across a broad range of sectors including the NHS and has a passion for developing people. Her great awareness of learning styles and accelerated learning techniques means that the materials she developed utilise brain‐friendly training that we are sure you will find of benefit and enjoy.

Taru Sinclair - Lead Facilitator with PiP

Taru Sinclair

Lead Facilitator

The courses are delivered by Taru Sinclair. Taru is a fully trained and experienced facilitator who has specialised in facilitating the PIP course since 2011.

Taru combines her in-depth experience of teaching, leading workshops and facilitation with her ability to enable people to focus on wide-ranging issues. Her skill in asking questions, and providing space for discussion and the sharing of individual experiences and practices, enables groups to find the answers to enhance their performance.

She has facilitated training events throughout Europe and the USA for universities, health services, blue chip companies and building contractors to name just a few industries.

Julie Green - Preceptorship developer

Julie Green

Initial Commissioner

Juie Green is Supervisor of Midwives who actively promotes excellence in midwifery practice through support and guidance of midwives in the UK. She is a part time Midwifery Lecturer at The University of Hull and maintains very close links with the local trust.

Additionally Julie has worked with The World Health Organisation in Bangladesh to develop a system to Supervise Community Based Skilled Birth Attendants using the UK model of midwifery supervision.

Iain Wilkinson

Project Manager

Iain was instrumental in setting up the SP Resource – which administers PiP – in 2004 and has managed the resource for much of its lifetime. He is responsible for the development and delivery of the project.

His role includes liaising with clients to ensure their needs are fully met, developing new products, as well as an involvement in marketing and evaluating the project. Iain has managed the PiP course throughout its lifetime.

Alison Kitch


Alison is responsible the management of all arrangements relating to actors/SPs on the PiP courses. She looks after all casting and logistics and has done this throughout the lifetime of PiP.


The innovative style of the PiP course includes the use of theatre scenarios. We work with a small group of professional actors, all of whom specialise in simulated learning techniques and have good knowledge of the ethos and content of the PiP training.